Vacation Rentals

Vacation or long term rentals and property management companies differ from real estate sales in that there is no single source such as the MLS where you can go to get the whole picture. Each company markets and manages its own inventory.

So if you are looking for a rental, besides VRBO, Airbnb and the like, you would likely have the best luck searching for rentals in a specific area, such as “vacation rentals in (Tahoe City) (Tahoe Donner) (Alpine Meadows) (Squaw Valley) (Northstar)”… and so on.

You can also reach out to me, let me know where & what you are looking for, and I can find companies in that area plus shoot off an office-wide email asking other agents & staff what they know of which I could pass on to you.

Contact me at 530-412-1241 or send me an email